Today's poem is "Catholicon"
from Slower Than Stars

Ravenna Press

Steve Mueske is a poet and electronic musician residing in Savage, Minnesota, with his wife and two daughters. His poetry has been published in print and online journals such as Crazyhorse, Court Green, The Massachusetts Review, Crab Orchard Review, The Georgetown Review, Hotel Amerika, Third Coast and CURA, as well as several anthologies, including Best New Poets. His books include the chapbook Whatever the Story Requires (2004) and A Mnemonic for Desire (2006).

Books by Steve Mueske:

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"To All the Frogs"
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Four poems

Steve Mueske on Twitter.

About Slower Than Stars:

"Steve Mueske's imagination is relentless, audacious. It allows us to glimpse Kung fu movies, the afterlife, a black rhino, and Sisyphus in new light that jolts, thrills. It pulses with emotive grace. He braids weariness and song, wit and elation into lines that burn with 'dark mojo' and a '€˜vocabulary of falling snow.'€™ There are poems in this book I wish I'€™d written."
—Eduardo C. Corral

"Always surprising, always delighting in the luminescence of the uncanny, Steve Mueske'€™s Slower than Stars is a wonder: Its engagements with language are so frenetic and celebratory that the collection'€™s numberless juxtapositions of tone and diction and discourse always seem of a piece. At the core of these exacting, exhilarating poems is an anxiety over living—€”and living well—€”that finds its expression in the wit, good humor, and uncompromising iterability of language'€™s questioning spirit."
—Seth Abramson

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