Today's poem is "Wolf Pack"
from For Dear Life

University of Pittsburgh Press

Ronald Wallace is the author of numerous books of poetry, including, most recently, For a Limited Time Only. He is codirector of the creative writing program, Halls-Bascom Professor of English, and Felix Pollak Professor of Poetry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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About For Dear Life:

"How beautifully Ronald Wallace marries the haiku’s brief resonant perception with the sonnet’s musical dialectic! It’s a marriage of argument and awe, brought together with great formal agility. I love the deep humanity, the mix of wit and rue in For Dear Life—the wisdom that knows its limits, the irony that ends not in bitterness but delight, affirming both the passing of time and its continuation. All our most crucial questions are raised here with a humor and intelligence that make them new and all the more urgent. These are poems to cherish and keep close at hand."
—Betsy Sholl

"The title of Ronald Wallace’s new collection reads like a dedication: For Dear Life. In the long list of Wallace’s poetic gifts, perhaps the greatest is his ability to affirm our brief existence in spite of everything. The fact that we live, and can tell the tale—even of our own demise—is, Wallace shows, a miracle and a blessing beyond measure. I say of this fine book, as Wallace says of life itself, ‘All the news is good.’"
—Charles Harper Webb

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