Today's poem is "Red Fox"
from Simply to Know Its Name

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Robert Aquinas McNally is the author or coauthor of nine books of nonfiction, with a tenth in the works, and the author of four poetry chapbooks. His poems have appeared in a long list of anthologies and journals.

Books by Robert Aquinas McNally:

Other poems on the web by Robert Aquinas McNally:
Four poems
"Great Blue Heron"

About Simply to Know Its Name:

"Robert Aquinas McNally writes with grace and a nuanced passion about man and other wild creatures of this world. He admires and respects the feral aspects of both nature and human nature. These poems are fierce, lyrical, and spiritual."
—Susan Terris

"In Robert Aquinas McNally's powerful new collection, Simply to Know Its Name, the realms of faith are made manifest in gracious reflections, poignant recuperations of memory, and intimate encounters with the natural world. In this formally accomplished and richly eloquent volume, Robert Aquinas McNally has done nothing less than create a remarkable and timeless naturalist's psalter."
—David St. John

"Simply to Know its Name is a deeply splendid collection, one I expect readers will return to incessantly. It‘s a guide into how specifics of Nature reveal a constant presence of the Other…Few poets have looked as rapturously well at such as sperm whales, the American buffalo, the poor-will, and the starnosed mole. Further, unlike many information-laden collections of poems, Simply to Know its Name revels in the sounds accompanying its subjects and themes. It marries rich imagery with luxurious tonal effects…The collection's unique encounters again and again enrich and bless anyone's experience of the natural world."
—Dick Allen

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