Today's poem is "The Angels of the Resurrection"
from The Nerve Of It

University of Pittsburgh Press

Lynn Emanuel is the author of four previous books of poetry: Hotel Fiesta, The Dig, Then, Suddenly—, and, most recently, Noose and Hook. Her work has been featured in The Pushcart Prize Anthology and The Best American Poetry numerous times and is included in The Oxford Book of American Poetry. She is the recipient of two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Poetry Series Award, the Eric Matthieu King Award from the Academy of American Poets, and, most recently, a fellowship from the Ranieri Foundation.

Books by Lynn Emanuel:

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About The Nerve Of It:

"Emanuel's extraordinary poetic intelligence, gutsy wit, and her images' ideal meld of the concrete and the ineffable amaze. What vibrant, resonant, nimble poems, each a perfect cocktail of acuity, objectivity, and heart."
—Amy Gerstler

"Lynn Emanuel's riveting volume is ordered as the story of a life, but the emphasis belongs on story; this poet is possessed by the inescapable elision, invention, and revision that telling entails. Her riddling, elusive poems pull the reader through memory mirrored and revealed, told by a narrator who slips in and out of her own skin, delivering, time after time, the truth of ardor, sorrow, and bewilderment in poems that pulse with sheer wild nerve."
—Mark Doty

"Already one of our most original voices, Emanuel has constructed a 'new and selected' that is both stunning and seamless. Excavating the previous work to reveal the emotional and aesthetic 'nerve' of it, Emanuel invites us to watch a mature and provocative artist emerge from the verve and dazzle that have always characterized her work."
—Martha Collins

"Every poem in The Nerve of It takes on a different tumult—from madcap to turbulent. The collection is vivid, sexy, and captures Emanuel's irrepressible drive."
—Kimiko Hahn

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