Today's poem is "Monterey"
from Force of Flesh

Rain Mountain Press

Linda Tieber A former journalist, pianist, model, and rock band manager, Linda has also worked as assistant to CEOs, a Nobel Laureate, and a wild game hunter. Turning to poetry and fiction after a spot at the Wall Street Journal, she's a long-time associate and former literary editor at the provocative poetry magazine The New York Quarterly where she interviewed poet Sharon Olds, Pound scholar Hugh Kenner and Grove Press publishing maverick Barney Rosset. American psychologist Julian Jaynes credited the birth of consciousness to the breakdown of what he termed the "bicameral mind". Linda continues to expand beyond these two chambers to previously untouched territories. Australian by birth, she grew up in Northern California and currently resides in New York City.

Books by Linda Tieber:

About Force of Flesh:

"Force of Flesh is the most condensed, varied, and energetic fiery writing I have seen in a long, long time! It would be impossible to find anyone else to fully compare your work to, but I find myself thinking that it might be similar to James Joyce...if Joyce had known how to write poetry at all comparable to his prose, and if he had lived in the 21st century...and had been a woman. Yet it also has a dark and mysterious power that reminds me at times of Weldon Kees, and at times of a female Norman Mailer. At all times, it is very rich in imagery and nonlinear thought with a very full range of emotion at play and a wonderfully ambiguous sense of time and space."
—Jared Smith

"Linda Tieber has put together a collection full of startling pronouncements, frightening turns, strange images, and memorable glimpses into otherworlds. This is a hybrid, but to read this poetry and prose as a mingled utterance is thrilling. Tieber’s voice and vision are completely unique and Force of Flesh as sensual and insistently powerful as its title."
—Laura Kasischke

Linda Tieber's Website.

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