Today's poem is "The Death of the Snake Handler"
from Next Door to the Dead

The University Press of Kentucky

Kathleen Driskell is associate editor of the Louisville Review and professor of creative writing at Spalding University, where she also helps direct the low-residency MFA in Writing program. She is the author of numerous books and collections, including Laughing Sickness and Seed across Snow.

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"In a Diner Somewhere in Iowa, I Imagine My Father Meeting the Future President"

Kathleen Driskell's Blog.

About Next Door to the Dead:

"Each poem in this collection is very carefully composed and fully realized—line by line and poem by poem, this is a satisfying book. One of the impressive features is how it works not simply as a collection of poems, but also as a whole book that deepens and expands with each page."
— Maurice Manning

"I’ve always loved Keats’s phrase “the mighty dead,” but I never understood it fully until I read Kathleen Driskell’s quietly explosive meditations on life and death. There’s a somber beauty to these poems; in them, the dead and living visit each other easily, singing of the rich mysteries on both sides of the divide."
—David Kirby

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