Today's poem is "Dumb"
from In the Home of the Famous Dead

The University of Arkansas Press

Jo McDougall lives in Little Rock. She is the author of five books of poetry and the memoir Daddy's Money.

Books by Jo McDougall:

Other poems on the web by Jo McDougall:
Two poems
Two poems
"Telling Time"

Jo McDougall's Website.

Jo McDougall on Twitter.

About In the Home of the Famous Dead:

"In In the Home of the Famous Dead, we note Jo McDougall's alignment with storytellers, with her ear for dialect and a heart for the cadences and tics of human behavior. She lives in a family tracing back in our literature through Eudora Welty, Robert Frost, and Mark Twain. This collection is a box of jewels, each polished to its own shine. Here even a button or a 'cracked comb' can signify the weight of a whole life, its loves, its crazy amusements, its resident grief. McDougall writes poetry as if language has meaning. It's her gift, brilliant, humane, mournful, and wise. 'Here is a book,' as she writes, 'with all the letters of our names.'"
—David Baker

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