Today's poem is "The Gentleman Hunters Run Their Hounds"
from Domestic Garden

Carnegie Mellon University Press

John Hoppenthaler previously published Lives of Water and Anticipate the Coming Reservoir. With Kazim Ali, he has co-edited a volume of essays on the poetry of Jean Valentine, Jean Valentine: This-World Company?. For the cultural journal Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, he edits “A Poetry Congeries.” He is Associate Professor of Creative Writing and Literature at East Carolina University.

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October 20, 2002:  "Farm Sitting" "Christy throws a rock— / the barn splinters..."

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About Domestic Garden:

"John Hoppenthaler is naive enough to believe that human truths exist and crazy enough to hunt them down, unleashing his poems with ‘bared teeth / polished and glistening,’ to track, capture, display and extol them."
—Campbell McGrath

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