Today's poem is "Jellyfish"
from In Absolutes We Seek Each Other

New Michigan Press

Jessica Johnson was raised in rural West and educated in poetry and biology at the University of Washington. She teaches at Portland Community College.

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October 18, 2005:   "Soloists" " The dog blunders along the field's edge..."

Books by Jessica Johnson:

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"Tonight's Anatomy"

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About In Absolutes We Seek Each Other:

"Johnson's poems, full of quiet and gracious observation, are acts of kinship-in-strangeness with the natural world. Even the slightest creatures are alive with vision."
—Joanna Klink

"For a moment, reader, as you orient yourself in one of Jessica Johnson's poems, you might classify a scene as quiet and scientific, or moody, wet, and metrical; then a shift and, god, it's luminous and grief-struck and haunting and it's yours. The linked poems in the book's first section are a feat of beauty: transformation and lost innocence set in a glimmering laboratory. The second section of ocean dwellers, anatomies, and sea-soaked lyrics is equally remarkable. Jessica Johnson is a true discovery."
—Kathleen Flenniken

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