Today's poem is "Shrine for Every Part of You"
from School

Coach House Books

Jen Currin's previous books are The Sleep of Four Cities, Hagiography and The Inquisition Yours, which was a finalist for three awards and won the 2011 Audre Lorde Award for Lesbian Poetry. She lives in Vancouver and teaches at ancouver Community College and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Her most recent collection is School.

Books by Jen Currin:

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About School:

"Wise, terse, enigmatic, illuminating, like the precious yield of a late harvest, savoured grape by grape, these exquisite poems approach narrative yet avoid doldrums, choosing instead the aphoristic path of quietly estranged observation. I love Jen Currin's 'voice,' which is more of a murmur than a voice — a gentle sequence of indications, microtonally guiding us toward bliss."
—Wayne Kostenbaum

"The poems in this compelling book inscribe a tabula rasa, suggesting that it is in consideration of the possibilities of the blank slate that human freedom begins. In Jen Currin’s School, every teacher is a form of mimesis, and a form to beware: 'there was a joke we heard & a story we liked ... But in the end it became his lecture/& we weakly repated, "How? And Why?"' Intent on origin, on passage from an old language to a newer one wherein intuition and dream refuse to be bound by the imposed authority of the sentence, these are poems as moral as they are fierce. A richly accomplished book. "
—Claudia Keelan

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