Today's poem is "Against the Urban Night"
from Border States

BkMk Books

Jane Hoogestraat's work has appeared in Southern Review, Image, Crab Orchard Review, and Elsewhere. She is an editor with Moon City Review. She teaches at Missouri State University in Springfield.

Books by Jane Hoogestraat:

About Jane Hoogestraat:

"In these poems, we hear accents we don't quite recognize, remember words we've forgotten how to say, find old hunting camps where fires still burn, and wear a camo shirt to fit in. 'I wanted you to know everything at once,' she tells us in 'River Roads,' 'a landscape it took me months to learn.' These are landscapes it takes months, years, lifetimes to learn, and Hoogestraat is our best guide."
—Ed Madden Jr.

"The people, the soil, the tumultuous skies are unforgettable, as are these poems, and that's the most important aspect of language in verse—the way it makes you feel and think."
—Luis J. Rodriguez

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