Today's poem is "Heimlich for a Heavenly Windpipe"
from Reveille

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George David Clark teaches poetry at Valparaiso University. His work has earned the Olive B. O’Connor Fellowship in Poetry and a Lily Postdoctoral Fellowship among other honors. He lives in Indiana and edits the journal 32 Poems.

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About Reveille:

"Here is a sensuous book, a love parade, a blitz of sugar where everything is 'swaddled in sun-lust.' Here is a pair of 'jaguar pajamas.' Reveille seeks to wake us to the new world we find every morning—familiar somehow, but strange enough to fear. These poems point us to delight. To joy. They seek to guide us 'like a compass locked on heaven.' I trust this book. Clark is a poet of exquisite powers and Reveille is a pleasure and a pleasure and a pleasure."
—Lisa Russ Spaar

"Wallace Stevens called a poem the 'cry of its occasion.' Through all manner of 'throats'—windpipes, wells, chimneys, kazoos, whistles—the poems in Reveille (—Andrew Hudgins

"Reveille is suffused with a fascinating postmodern sense of the sacred. In its elegant hesitations and lovely vacillations, this book stands on the side of revelation and reverence."
—Steve Scafidi

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