Today's poem is "Love is Not an Emergency"
from Slant Six

Copper Canyon Press

Erin Belieu was born and raised in Nebraska and educated at the University of Nebraska, Ohio State University, and Boston University. She is the author Infanta, winner of the National Poetry Series in 1994, One Above & One Below, winner of the Midlands Poetry Prize and Ohioana Poetry Award, Black Box, a Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist, and Slant Six, all of which were published by Copper Canyon. Her poems have appeared in places such as Best American Poetry, The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, AGNI, Tin House, Yale Review, and The Virginia Quarterly Review. Belieu co-founded VIDA: Women in Literary Arts with poet Cate Marvin. She currently directs the Creative Writing Program at Florida State University and is the Artistic Director at Port Townsend Writers' Conference.

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About Slant Six:

"I’ve never read a poem by Erin Belieu that I didn’t want to immediately rip from its bindings so I could fold it up and carry around in my pockets and read so many times that the paper turned back into pulp. She’s just that good. That honest and brave and beautiful and wise and funny. She writes poems we need. Poems that say who I am and who you are and how and why we got to be this way. Poems that wonder if we can ever change. Poems that know us and show us and grace us. Poems that remember us and forget us and leave us dazzled in their dust. In Slant Six, she’s outdone herself. It’s a spellbinding, heart-opening beauty of a book."
—Cheryl Strayed

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