Today's poem is "Love Poem with Snake Handler & Church of God with Signs Following"
from Self-Portrait with Spurs and Sulfur

University of New Mexico Press

Casey Thayer's work has appeared in American Poetry Review, Devil's Lake, Poetry, and elsewhere. He has held fellowships at Northern Michigan University and Stanford University, where he is currently a Wallace Stegner Fellow.

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Other poems on the web by Casey Thayer:
"The Hurt Sonnet"
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"Aquaman Thinks of His Youth"
"Terror of the Back Eighty Acres"

About Self-Portrait with Spurs and Sulfur:

"By stoking the image-embers and syllable-sparks found in myths, the Bible, and the American Southwest, Casey Thayer has ignited his diction and his music. This is a linguistically thrilling and pictorial-rich book. . . . He reminds us love is myth, religion, and tenderly brutal landscape. Self-Portrait with Spurs and Sulfur is a dazzling debut."
—Eduardo C. Corral

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