Today's poem is "Distant Buffaloes"
from Some Slow Bees

Oberlin College Press

Carol Potter's four previous books include Otherwise Obedient and Short History of Pets. She lives in Vermont.

Books by Carol Potter:

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About Some Slow Bees:

"Tightly woven yet seemingly off-the-cuff, the 'Miss Nancy' sonnets that close this book are quietly monumental. Like the rest of Some Slow Bees, they blend personal memory with cultural history, provoking both ache and laughter. In her tsunami-sized drive toward 'the act of knowing,' Potter alternates between bullet-like declaratives, loopy wandering, and mad headlong propulsion; the reader senses anything at all might turn up and be transformed."
—Ellen Doré Watson

"In Some Slow Bees Carol Potter inhabits and investigates the spaces between overlapping images—a flooded school and the school full of children, for example—and an essayistic, logical way of proceeding, where assertions are questioned and possibilities are turned over to reveal, finally, the signs by which we know ourselves. It easily and seamlessly moves from the deepest of memories and poetic gestures to assertions such as 'too much metaphor in your life might mean you need / to be talking about something but you'd rather not.' It works beautifully, and finds things not found any other way. I love this book."
—John Gallaher

"With what verve and formal acuity Carol Potter puts us right in the welter of the world. Her tales in Some Slow Bees are told with such speed everything unnecessary falls away and what's left is pure honey—with the sting of revelation. The language is exuberant and exacting at once, like a scalpel sprouting feathers. Desirous and wary of love, skeptical of 'the grail that any one story grows to be,' these are poems of self-reckoning, and Potter makes a fine music for us all out of what we 'didn't do..., couldn't keep..., walked away from.' 'Don't sit down just because you're invited,' one poem cautions. But Reader, do—do sit down and feast on these fine, wry and wonderful poems."
—Betsy Sholl

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