Today's poem is "Aasifa"
from All Night It Is Morning

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Andy Young grew up in southern West Virginia and has spent most of her adult life in New Orleans. For the last two years she has lived in Egypt, where she documented the revolution in essays, poems and photographs. Her writing has been published in Lebanon, Egypt, Ireland, Mexico and throughout the U. S.

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About All Night It Is Morning:

"Andy Young's amazing poems pledge allegiance to life. They have witnessed, travelled and gathered so much elemental power and light, they can't stop giving it back."
—Naomi Shihab Nye

"In her fearless addition to the poetry of disaster, Young moves from the Katrina and Deep Water Horizon events in Louisiana to the political turmoils in Egypt and back to her roots in the mining towns of West Virginia. I know of no other poet writing today who so unremittingly arrests and details the political as personal. This is the book we have all been waiting for."
—Peter Cooley

"These poems by Andy Young open the world and fearlessly cross cultures. From the unspeakable to what must be spoken, from Katrina/post-Katrina where streets "tumbled to sticks/and tricycles hang from a wire," to months of family in the during and aftermath of a raging, hopeful Egypt with its smoke and prison trucks, this American poet tracks tragedy and love, what we owe and are owed and how no one can ever pay. Meanwhile, her two children are born. Meanwhile, there are dates and figs and sandalwood "at the brink of war." It turns out that this life, small, is huge. And however endangered, one species regardless, all of us. These dark and remarkable poems get that. And celebrate that."
—Marianne Boruch

"All Night It Is Morning is an arresting collection! Brave ruminations on places that come apart and reassemble."
—Nathalie Handal

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