Today's poem is "when we all up and vanish at last"
from Good Beast

Burnside Review

Andrew Michael Roberts is the author of the poetry collections something has to happen next from the University of Iowa Press, Good Beast (Burnside Review Books, 2015), and two chapbooks: Dear Abandon from Poetry Society of America and Give Up from Tarpaulin Sky Press. He lives in Portland, Oregon, where he spends his time as a cardiac nurse, a cyclist, a sasquatch enthuasist, a library regular, and a poet.

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Books by Andrew Michael Roberts:

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About Good Beast:

"Andrew Michael Roberts is a poet you want to be reading. good beast terrifies, its poems possess air-like clarity. They are vast and mostly invisible. Roberts turns away from narrative in search of the moment and the emotion, which he has the ability to view through a microscope or telescope, and then the audacity to show us a world gentle but with distance, close and intimate, and at times stuck in an emotional apogee."
—Carl Adamshick

"I fell in love with the work of Andrew Michael Roberts when I first encountered it, and nothing he has written since has dimmed my enthusiasm; if anything, this new book good beast has added fuel to the fire of my admiration."
—Mary Ruefle

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