Today's poem is by Christopher Goodrich

Confronting Plagiarism
        Frostburg University

You expect tears, groveling,
but not the impossible truth spoken
with convincing pathos by one
Mindy Gillian, genius of English 101.
That it is they who stole from her
How Goethe—lost soul that he is—crept
into her dorm, onto her computer,
how Darwin discovered her essay
on the internet, wrote Origin of Species
without once citing her. Never mind
the needed time travel, we'd figure that out later.
What we wanted now was action.
We were both angry and near crying.
And because I knew the cost
of consequence, the inevitable disaster
if we let this thing get out of hand,
I advised her to sue hard and fast.
I'd prepare the paperwork myself.
With the help of the University's judicial Committee
we'd get Confucius on that witness stand,
mere bones now, to shed his tears of desperate dust
for sweet Mindy Gillian's vast intellect.
Only a matter of time before we'd break
Virgil together. Squeeze Sophocles dry.
Stop Plato's ridiculous rape of Gillian's third paper,
the argumentative essay. It's embarrassing—
to unearth Shakespeare, once legend,
only to expel him, if we have any scruples at all,
from the entire Maryland School System, forever.

Copyright © 2014 Christopher Goodrich All rights reserved
from No Texting at the Dinner Table
NYQ Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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