Today's poem is "Scotch Tape World"
from Scotch Tape World

Accents Publishing

Tom C. Hunley is an associate professor of English at Western Kentucky University and the director of Steel Toe Books. Among his previous books are The Poetry Gymnasium (McFarland & Company, Inc., 2012); Annoyed Grunt (Imaginary Friend Press, 2012); Greatest Hits (Pudding House, 2010, Gold Invitational Series); Octopus (Logan House, 2008, Winner of the Holland Prize); Teaching Poetry Writing: A Five-Canon Approach (Multilingual Matters LTD., 2007, New Writing Viewpoints Series); My Life as a Minor Character (Pecan Grove, 2005, winner of a national chapbook contest); Still, There's a Glimmer (WordTech Editions, 2004); and The Tongue (Wind Publications, 2004). He divides his time between Kansas and Oz.

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About Scotch Tape World:

"What a haunted road trip this books takes, speeding past the houses of Frost, Stevens, Stafford, Valery, Melville, Ginsburg and Jack Gilbert—tornadoes loom, detours lead down mysterious roads not taken, Crips and Bloods service rest stops with ... coffee! It worries me a little: Is that reptilian roadside piece of Americana going to squash this Trans Am in broad daylight while Mingus jams on the jukebox-radio? Or will the psalm-ic GPS leave it wrecked in pastures of holy-awe? Yes."
—Jane Springer

"Tom C. Hunley, on the evidence of these poems, is as in love with, as he is bewildered by, the world. And although that might seem a common way of being in the world, Hunley's ability to render his love and bewilderment precisely in his poems is unique and necessary. These poems manage to be funny without being cynical, and they manage to be honest without being cynical, and they manage to seem utterly contemporary without being cynical, and each of these achievements is a small miracle and almost an act of defiance. At one point, Hunley tells God, "I want you to fill my mouth / with water and prayer and maybe a jagged little song." I don't know how Hunley is set for water, and I don't know about his spiritual practices, but these poems read like answered prayers."
—Shane McCrae

" Like a child unable to settle into his car seat, Tom Hunley is an unchy poet, never quite comforted by what comes into view. He offers frequent entertainments, but we're never far from a face slap … or getting stepped on by Godzilla. "You've got to veer far away from the straight yellow line," he says in one poem, "to make your own road and be ready to crash." In another poem, the speaker watches his drug dealer getting robbed at knife point through the window of a departing city bus. If you look for life to have a point, Scotch Tape World seems to suggest, it may wind up being a knife point."
—Douglas Goetsch

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