Today's poem is "Chickfire"
from Some Kind of Shelter

Misty Publications

Sara Tracey is also the author of the chapbook Flood Year (dancing girl press, 2009). Her work has recently appeared in Vinyl Poetry, The Collagist, Harpur Palate, Passages North, and elsewhere. She has studied at the University of Akron, the North East Ohio Master of Fine Arts (NEOMFA), and at the University of Illinois at Chicago Program for Writers. Originally from Ohio, she has lived in Chicago since 2008.

Books by Sara Tracey:

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Sara Tracey on Twitter.

About Some Kind of Shelter:

"Sara Tracey illuminates the lives of the working class and the broken hearted with language 'clipped from hymnals.' The people in her poems know the “small magic” of cheap beer, pickup trucks, and dollar stores. They yearn to flee and to return to landscapes where the 'dirt is made from bones.' These portraits, of course, are also searing self-portraits. Tracey’s empathic gaze earns my trust as a reader. Her soulful command of the line and of the image earns my respect as a poet."
—Eduardo C. Corral

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