Today's poem is "Aubade"
from The Wilderness

W.W. Norton

Sandra Lim's previous volume, Loveliest Grotesque, won the Kore Press First Book Award, judged by Marilyn Chin. She is an assistant professor of English at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

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May 10, 2007:   "Loveliest Grotesque" " I kept the little ruin near me, I stowed it in the kitchen..."

Books by Sandra Lim:

Other poems on the web by Sandra Lim:
Four poems
"Vous Et Nul Autre"
"A Tab of Iron on the Tongue"

Sandra Lim According to Wikipedia.

About The Wilderness:

"In its stern and quiet way Sandra Lim’s The Wilderness is one of the most thrilling books of poetry I have read in many years."
—Louise Glück

"The wilderness of which Sandra Lim writes does not sprawl. It lives in all of us, but it must be coaxed into daylight; it must be courted truly to be known. Lim's elegantly made poems constitute that act of courtship: rarely has the beauty of our desert places been made more seductively plain."
—James Longenbach

"No one does the darkness quite as well as Sandra Lim, and one comes away from her fearful investigations not cured, but changed. Of Piero delia Francesca, Philip Guston wrote: 'A different fervor, grave and delicate, moves in the daylight of his pictures.' So too in these terrific new poems."
—Graham Foust

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