Today's poem is "Give-Us-This-Day Man"
from Man

Carnegie Mellon University Press

Ricardo Pau-Llosa was born in Cuba in 1954 and grew up in the United States; he lives in Miami. He writes poetry and short fiction. Pau-Llosa's previous books explored the personalization of collective history as the basis of memory, the role of imagination in the fusion of past and present, the continuous dialogue between the, public and private workings of the creative process, the erotics of power in all its forms, and thee link between epic and parables and other narratives of personal transcendence. Pau-Llosa is also an accomplished art critic and curator.

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Books by Ricardo Pau-Llosa:

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Ricardo Pau-Llosa according to Wikipedia.

About Man:

"The man in Ricardo Pau-Llosa's poems is a meditator, art collector, son, lover, and penitent. He ponders 'the simplest things' in a variety of moods, and spread of human values, with unfaltering rhetorical grace. Man is a terrific book."
—Carol Frost

"Everything in Pau-Llosa's man-world is rendered sacramental, even mundane chores like hosing the yard; the resolve not to spill food on his shirt becomes a prayer. The poems of this volume are lush with metaphor and the verdant landscape of tropical Miami. But if there are flowers here, they are the flowers of evil; the path to grace is the way of Blasphemy.. Pau-Llosa's imagination: ranges with Rabelaisian humor and subversive, mischievous irony, over a rich terrain of art and human possibility, butt the best of these poems, like 'Patmos Man,' speak to us eloquently from the desert, the place of the spirit in a time of eternal drought."
—Peg Boyers

"Compelling, impossible to put down, an extraordinary play on quotidian experience by a master storyteller. The opening lines alone, so deceptively simple: 'Legal's legal. She turns 18 at midnight,' or 'What if he lost the lotto ticket? / The man worries about such things.' draw you into a world full of Kafkaesque humor, wit, surprising leaps of imagination, the paradoxes and ironies of real life. Each poem is a puzzle that builds to an unpredictable climax leaving you dazzled, mystified, eager for more. The imagery is rich, detailed, suffusing the poem with a beauty rare in satire."
—Ron De Maris

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