Today's poem is "Ear to the Wake"
from Fishing on the Pole Star

Dos Madres Press

Paul Pines grew up in Brooklyn around the corner from Ebbetís Field and passed the early 60ís on the Lower East Side of New York. He shipped out as a Merchant Seaman, spending 65-66 in Vietnam, after which he drove a taxi and tended bar until he opened The Tin Palace in 1970, the setting for his novel, The Tin Angel (Wm Morrow, 1983). Redemption (Editions du Rocher, 1997), his second novel, is set against the genocide of Guatemalan Mayans. My Brotherís Madness, a memoir, was published by Curbstone Press, 2007. He has published ten books of poetry: Onion, Hotel Madden Poems, Pines Songs, Breath, Adrift on Blinding Light, Taxidancing, Last Call at the Tin Palace, Reflections in a Smoking Mirror, Divine Madness and New Orleans Variations & Paris Ouroboros. Poems set by composer Daniel Asia appear on the Summit label, and opposite the work of Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai in Asiaís 5th Symphony commissioned by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. Pines lives in Glens Falls, New York, where he practices as a psychotherapist and hosts the Lake George Jazz Weekend.

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About Fishing on the Pole Star:

"Tracking the Bahamas out-islands Pines reads for signs of what lies beyond sight. Sea-farer, ethicist, psychotherapist, metaphysician, he sees the implicate order in all things as 'an alphabet/of birds spells out/his name/on the visible surface/of an invisible/world.'"
—L. S. Asekoff

"The seaís endlessness, its glittery surfaces, the often scruffy island life of the Bahamas are wonderfully recorded in Paul Pineís Fishing On The Pole Star. Bright-scaled marlin populate the text, as do Wayne Athertonís mysteriously beautiful collages. The vision is spacious and colorful, awe-filled and deep dwelling."
—Michael Heller

"Fishing on the Pole Star is full of wonder, for Pines knows that fishing correlates with the Arthurian Graal-search, the poetís hunt for the poem, the deep sea-voyage to heal the wounded soul. This collection places him in the tradition of Hektorovic, Walton, Melville, Hemingway, and Hughes."
—Richard Berengarten

"This fishing world is not my territory, so all the more honor and glory that I was hooked and didnít want to make my escape. In fact I wanted to be eaten and recycled and renewed, as of old in some sacrificial ceremony."
—Anthony Rudolf

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