Today's poem is "Dangerous to Know"
from Dangerous to Know

Salmon Poetry

Patricia Brody's first poetry collection, American Desire, was selected by Finishing Line Books for a 2009 New Women's Voices Award. Brody studied writing at Sarah Lawrence College with Grace Paley, and later received an MSW from Columbia and an MA in English from City College. Brody taught American Literature at Boricua College and has practiced as a family therapist for thirty years. Currently, she teaches Seeking Your Voice, a poetry workshop, at Barnard College Center for Research on Women. She and her husband raised three children a block from the Hudson River.

Books by Patricia Brody:

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"Does Kissing Lead To Bone Loss?"
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About Dangerous to Know:

"... If the breath of life stirs, Patricia Brody reaches for it, grabs the first branch, the last crotch (we’re talking trees here) and tugs until the ‘root of things’ comes away in her hand, free of the past: ‘the moonlit arm/reaching from the ruined rocks/ of Missolonghi’. Here ‘cure and the loss of it’ are celebrated."
—Richard Howard

"Brody’s eye is drawn to the shady spaces between things—inside histories, underneath rumors, behind curtains, beyond our old ideas of the past ... opening up stories of once-glorious women we’ve been taught to forget—Anne Donne, Caroline Lamb, Heloise, Artemisia... [These] poems crackle and burn, shimmer and groan."
—Elizabeth Mazzola

"A jet-winged eavesdropping angel, Brody sweeps in among the great ones, sight and sword keen and apt. ... streaming in high style... her excited language and true wit give us these vivid spirits—of Byron, the Wordsworths, Heloise, the Gentileschi—& plenty more women musing among men, affording us their hotly imagined revelations."
—Marie Ponsot

"Notwithstanding, or maybe because of their Byronic glitter, these are confident American poems. Patricia Brody’s Dangerous to Know resonates with historical voices… Playful, lyrical, knowing, the writing is never without a sense of moment, of ceremonious possibility. The songs about loss are pleasingly honest and the songs about desire allow the dead to shake off the dust and dance again."
—Julian Stannard

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