Today's poem is "Autobiographer"
from The Beautiful Moment of Being Lost

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Michael T. Young was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. He moved to New York City in 1990. He has published one previous full-length collection of poetry, Transcriptions of Daylight (Rattapallax Press), and two chapbooks, Because the Wind Has Questions (Somers Rocks Press) and Living in the Counterpoint (Finishing Line Press). A fellowship recipient of the New Jersey State Council of the Arts, Young has also won a William Stafford Award and the Chaffin Poetry Award, and was twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous print and online journals including Coe Review, nycBigCityLit.com, Fogged Clarity, Off the Coast, The Potomac Review, and The Raintown Review. His poetry has been published in the anthologies Phoenix Rising, Chance of a Ghost, In the Black/In the Red and is forthcoming in Rabbit Ears: Poems about TV. He lives with his wife and children in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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About The Beautiful Moment of Being Lost:

"In The Beautiful Moment of Being Lost, poet Michael T. Young writes with a 'dangerous brilliance.' Keening through histories, personal and collective, Young guides the reader to unimagined destinations. Rather than feeling lost, however, the reader arrives at termini of discovery, finding them to be inevitable, necessary, earned. Young enacts these journeys through cognitive leaps that defy reason and syntax, performed by his prodigious wizardry. And as the unknown becomes known, what is lost is regained, for these poems are redemptive. Each one is bathed in a luminosity of phrasing Wallace Stevens would have envied. Young writes, '[H]ear the voice in light / whose only utterance is melting snow.' Unlike snow, these poems will not disappear as long as important poetry continues to matter."
—Dean Kostos

"For years, I’ve savored Michael T. Young’s poems for their potent distillations of experience, their attempts to pour into crisp and clear free verse vessels 'something else the words can’t describe.' In The Beautiful Moment of Being Lost, I am taken, poem after poem, through the musings of a keen intelligence, with 'movement / from character to character, from stop to stop, / in books, on trains, in memory.' What’s more, these poems, like the characters of the title piece, seem to 'come / into life, without intention,' a remarkable skill from a remarkable poet."
—Gary J. Whitehead

"In The Beautiful Moment of Being Lost, Michael T. Young leads his readers into loving the world in its beautiful day-to-dayness. He does this by showing the reader, in thoughtful and graceful language, how to look and listen. In 'As Is,' he begins with 'Although, for a moment, / the man peeling an orange / appears to cup a mouse in his hand / its tail dangling in a coil.' In 'Nocturne,' he surprisingly turns July into January, and that month into love: 'I’m walking these rising, white mounds toward home / where you wait in the habitable light.' Michael T. Young joyously shares his gift, and his poetry will be read and re-read."
—Bertha Rogers

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