Today's poem is "In These Woods"
from What the Neighbors Know

FutureCycle Press

Melanie McCabe lives in Virginia. Her first book, History of the Body, was published by David Robert Books in 2012. Her work has appeared on Verse Daily, as well as in Best New Poets 2010, The Georgia Review, The Massachusetts Review, The Cincinnati Review, Alaska Quarterly Review, Shenandoah, and numerous other journals.

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July 14, 2014:   "Foresight" "I know precisely what to do to avert disaster..."

Books by Melanie McCabe:

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Four poems

Melanie McCabe's Website.

About What the Neighbors Know:

"To enter Melanie McCabe's What the Neighbors Know is to cross over into an intricate architecture--and to discover in 'every room a metaphor.' McCabe's voice is one of ghostly removal from its own narrative, her vision one of ghostly engagement with a world of 'cumulus and light translated by panes,' by windows perceived and real. Finding 'plaster and brick complicit in the deed,' McCabe is, in the manner of brilliant architects, master of the seen and unseen--of mystery and revelation."
—Claudia Emerson

"A marriage ends. A beloved house is sold. These and other alterations in a life are powerfully examined in Melanie McCabe's second full-length poetry collection. One of this poet's skills is her ability to create clear narratives that make unpredictable (but earned) turns, and to thereby keep her readers turning pages. McCabe admonishes herself for being someone driven 'to peer into the shadows of the wrong / road, and to take it anyway.' If you have ever traveled such a road, you'll want to read these poems."
—Andrea Hollander

"Leave the room, climb the stairs, sit cross-legged on the floor of the attic: there you'll find Melanie McCabe sifting through the dust motes of memory, the slant of light wrong, the boxes packed only to be repacked. There you'll find a mother, a daughter, a lover--they're you. Like a childhood moon, less real, more true, the poems in What the Neighbors Know shine upon us all."
—Alan Michael Parker

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