Today's poem is "The boys who learned to fuck from porn movies versus the boys who learned to fuck from their fathers"
from How I Went Red

Carnegie Mellon University Press

Maggie Glover is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received an MFA in poetry from West Virginia University where she received the Russ MacDonald Graduate Award for Poetry in 2007. She lives in San Francisco. This is her first book.

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Books by Maggie Glover:

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Two poems
"In West Virginia"
"On the Porch, While You Were Out of Town"
"This Month in Vogue"
"On the Porch, While You Were Out of Town"
"Free Stitchery on Readily Countable [Love]"
Two poems

Maggie Glover's Website.

Maggie Glover on Twitter.

About How I Went Red:

"“Maggie Glover’s poems are full of fresh talk, the surprises of language natural and cadences true. Their emotional impact is a result of lived distinctions of image and feeling, but more than an adding up, something exponential—and no ‘dark forgeries.’ Not one.'"
—Carol Frost

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