Today's poem is "Secured Cushions, Beer and Olives"
from Talisman

Red Hen Press

Lisa C. Krueger is a poet and psychologist. She is the author of three books of poetry, Rebloom, animals the size of dreams, and Talisman, all from Red Hen Press. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals, including Atlanta Review, Ploughshares, and Prairie Schooner. She has written a series of interactive journals related to psychology and creativity. She maintains a private therapy practice focused on women's issues, health psychology, writing therapy, and the role of creativity in wellness. She lives in Pasadena, California.

Books by Lisa C. Krueger:

Lisa C. Krueger's Website.

Lisa C. Krueger on Twitter.

About Talisman:

"Lisa C. Krueger writes poetry of otherworldly precision. Her tiniest observations resonate with galvanic force. In this collection, rational thought is turned into exquisite music to invent a kind of new language with which to express the human experience. A cane, a broken tail; flat champagne and a safety pin; everything becomes a talisman—magical, ominous, life-changing. There is hardly a line, let alone a poem, in this collection that isn’t surprising, memorable, and important."
—Laura Kasischke

"The wisdom and lyric grace in these new poems remind me of all that I have come to love about Lisa C. Krueger’s work. They are quiet, and they hum with precision, like exquisite engines. But they are quick, darting, capable of astounding leaps; they lift off from one place and land in another, and suddenly I realize that I have traveled a great distance upon or within them. Yes, this is the deft and moving work of a poet who has discovered how to coax and unravel the mystery within the everyday. But Talisman also represents a furthering or deepening of Krueger’s poetic agency. She is writing with even greater fearlessness, candor and wit about what it means to be human, to live subject to love, memory, desire, and regret. These poems give me heart. Very often in their lines, I feel ‘the world / opening its arms.’"
—Tracy K. Smith

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