Today's poem is "There Were Only Dandelions"
from Rigger Death & Hoist Another

Black Lawrence Press

Laura McCullough's books of poetry include Rigger Death & Hoist Another (Black Lawrence Press, June 013), Panic (winner of the Kinereth Gensler Award, Alice James Books, 011), Speech Acts (Black Lawrence Press, 010), and What Men Want (XOXOX Books, 09), and her first book, The Dancing Bear (Open Book Press, 06). Her chapbooks include Women & Other Hostages (Gob Pile Poetry Series, Amsterdam Books, 011), and Elephant Anger, Online at Mudlark. She is the editor of two anthologies, The Room & the World: Essays on the poet Stephen Dunn, Syracuse University Press, fall 013, and A Sense of Regard: Essays on Poetry and Race, University of Georgia Press, slated for fall 014. She is the editor of Mead: the Magazine of Literature and Libations and an editor at large for TranStudies Magazine. She holds an MFA from Goddard College, and her essays, criticism, poems, creative non-fiction, and short fiction have appeared in or are forthcoming in The Georgia Review, The Birmingham Review, The Florida Review, New South, Guernica, The American Poetry Review, Green Mountains Review, Pank, The Writer's Chronicle, Gulf Coast, Pedestal, Painted Bride Quarterly, and many others. She has recently completed a full length memoir, The Belt of Venus.

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About Rigger Death & Hoist Another:

"Reading Laura McCullough’s new book I feel the way I once felt after seeing Scorcese’s Mean Streets for the first time—like someone had taken the bits and pieces of my life and made them whole for a moment, a besieged glamour cast like a spell over barroom and bedroom and kitchen alike. And I do mean glamour. Grainy, sweaty, sly, pissed-off, sweet-smelling, headstrong, sad-eyed, immensely loyal glamour."
—David Rivard

"Ultimately, language is the cathedral in McCullough's work, and that, too, falls under the speaker's scrutiny via the interrogation of the line. Still, this collection offers "pleasures we can steal along the way" and, near the end, a great call to be alive in our own time, as well as a tenderness for those who live beside us."
—Brian Turner

"'We all want to look lovely in the end,/or at least used up,/like we took the ride as far as it would go,/got out, and jumped', McCullough writes, and that's exactly what these poems full of tattoos and sex and war and longing do. They jump, they fly across the page as they reveal a mind that questions and reveres in equal measure."
—Bob Hicok

"These poems invite you to behold a world, and invite you to bare witness to a writer who understands how hard it is '...to recover from a week of living/ above water.' There is a howling in these poems, as the writer stares unflinchingly at the world that usually exists outside of poetry and does something far more audacious than testify. She sings."
—R. Dwayne Betts

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