Today's poem is "Awake As You Sleep"
from Tending

The Aldrich Press

Laura Grace Weldon has created collaborative poems with nursing home residents and taught nonviolence using poetry. She lives on Bit of Earth Farm in Ohio where she's a writer, editor, and marginally useful farm wench. She's the author of Free Range Learning and working on her next book, Subversive Cooking.

Books by Laura Grace Weldon:

Other poems on the web by Laura Grace Weldon:
"Forgetting Names"

Laura Grace Weldon's Website.

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About Tending:

"Laura Grace Weldon employs radical empathy to enter into the hidden lives of rutabaga, cows, the neighborhood bully, and the beating heart of life itself. Playful, curious, sensual, she aims to open the reader's eyes and heart."
—Alison Luterman

"Laura Grace Weldon's poems remind us that our world’s necessary brushes between nature and technology, human and animal, are not necessarily ones of friction. Instead, Weldon sees these moments as truly wondrous ones, available to us not only on the farm, but also in the back pocket of a window washer, swinging among the skyscrapers."
—Brad Ricca

"Memory, faith, and the natural world as both witness to the cycle of human life and healer to a questioning heart are at the core of this lovely and lyrical collection of poems. The weather changes, people come and go from cities and towns, babies are born, grow up and depart from their parents’ arms, but still, the countryside and its rituals sustain the people and creatures who know how to read the signs of the seasons. In these pages, Laura Grace Weldon shares those signs with us; her poems are the fruit of a wonderful harvest."
—Eleanor Lerman

"Laura Grace Weldon's poems are concrete, allusive, and rich."
—Diane Kendig

"These are calming poems, set deep in the specifics of this life."
—David Budbill

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