Today's poem is "In Which We Ask, Exist"
from That Our Eyes Be Rigged

Saturnalia Books

Kristi Maxwell is the author of Realm Sixty-Four (2008), Hush Sessions (Saturnalia, 2009) and Re- (2011). Her honors include the Greta Wrolstad Scholarship for Young Poets through the Summer Literary Seminars, the Phyllis Smart-Young Prize in Poetry, and the Margaret Sterling Memorial Award.

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October 29, 2006:   from Hush Sessions " He got that a rocket was meant to love the ground..."

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About That Our Eyes Be Rigged:

"Its language & images delight, while its complexity requires us to attempt that joyous & awful work of actively making sense out of the sap & logic of “'perhaps.'"
—Mathias Svalina

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