Today's poem is "Shadowboxing Andy Warhol"
from Hourglass Museum

White Pine Press

Kelli Russell Agodon is a prize-winning poet, writer, and editor from the Northwest. She is the author of Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room (White Pine Press, 2010), winner of the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Prize in Poetry and a Finalist for the Washington State Book Award. She is also the author of Small Knots (2004) and the chapbook, Geography (2003). She co-edited the first eBook anthology of contemporary women’s poetry, Fire On Her Tongue and recently completed The Daily Poet, a book of poetry writing exercises she coauthored with Martha Silano.

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Books by Kelli Russell Agodon:

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Kelli Russell Agodon's Website.

Kelli Russell Agodon's Blog.

Kelli Russell Agodon according to Wikipedia.

About Hourglass Museum:

"There are just handful of contemporary American poets whom I do not want to live without, whose books I keep by my desk and never lend out. Kelli Russell Agodon is one of these poets. Hourglass Museum is such a beautiful collection. Lyrical, intelligent, magical and honest, the poems are both of this world and out of this world. Her uniquely true and mystical voice is like a glass of pure water: refreshing, healing, and oh, so necessary."
—Nin Andrews

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