Today's poem is "The Bend and Rise of Streets"
from Small Chimes

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Julie Brooks Barbour is the author of a chapbook, Come To Me and Drink (Finishing Line Press, 2012). She received an MFA in Creative Writing from UNC-Greensboro and is a recipient of an Artist Enrichment Grant from Kentucky Foundation for Women. Her poems have appeared in The Greensboro Review, The Louisville Review, Waccamaw, Kestrel, diode, Prime Number Magazine, Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, The Rumpus, storySouth, and on Verse Daily, and anthologized in Bigger Than They Appear: Anthology of Very Short Poems and The Way North: Collected Upper Peninsula New Works. She teaches at Lake Superior State University where she is co-editor of the journal Border Crossing.

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About Small Chimes:

"Small Chimes, the title of Julie Brooks Barbour’s beautifully wistful poetry collection, reveals something of her subject matter and of her artistic approach as well. She is alert to the furtive moment, the subdued gesture, the understated, even the unstated, drama. Waiting for an unnamable disaster to take place, she watches snow fall, “making no explosions.” In “How to Love,” a little girl and a cat “look into the world together, / watching its movements carefully // as if something wonderful could happen."
—Fred Chappell

"Julie Brooks Barbour writes with a voice as intimate and focused as a mother singing to her child. These poems leave you breathless inside their pastoral landscapes and interiors, ringing resonant chimes. In unaffected, simple language, she traces the domestic whitewater of family life, both in the roles of mother and child. She speaks with an intensity of observation that shakes the heart more awake to its nuances and shadows. This is poetry to dive deeply into, as Julie Brooks Barbour brings a vibrant voice to the feminine nature of the earth and the human experience. "
—Rachel Dacus

"Early in this rich first full-length collection, Julie Brooks Barbour writes "I wanted to know their lives in full, / not in fragments." She explores those lives, and most particularly, the new life of her child, through lines that are crisp and sharp, that feel both highly polished and emotionally explosive. By the end Barbour's Small Chimes are no longer alarms; they have become songs."
—Keith Taylor

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