Today's poem is "Birder's Last Blessing"
from Even That Indigo

Hip Pocket Press

John Smith lives in Frenchtown, NJ, with calligrapher Catherine Lent. He has three daughters. John's poetry has appeared in numerous literary magazines and has also been anthologized in Under a Gull's Wing: Poems and Photographs of the Jersey Shore and Liberty's Vigil: The Occupy Anthology. His poem, "Lived Like a Saint," which appeared in The Journal of New Jersey Poets, was set to music by Philadelphia composer, Tina Davidson, as part of a choral work, Listening to the Earth, commissioned by the New Jersey Parks Commission. John's poetry has appeared in NJ Audubon since the late 1980s. His poem, "Birding," was commissioned by The New Jersey Audubon Society for its centennial.

Books by John Smith:

Other poems on the web by John Smith:
Three poems

About Even That Indigo:

"John Smith's words are stepping stones into the natural world, bridging it and drawing from it insights that resonate in the human mind and soul. His empathetic accord with the environment, coupled with his imagery and word play, make each and every one of his poems as enticing as April woodlands and as honest as December sunlight."
—Pete Dunne

"Smith is honest and often funny about the “beast with two names,” the “one that hibernates inside” all of us and causes that “tug-of-war” for dominance over tomatoes and electric wires. Deft with image and sound, Smith brings self-knowledge to his praise of snow geese and starlings, indigo buntings and ospreys–and devotion to the poems for his wife and daughters. John Smith’s poems are wise–and difficult to forget."
—Lois Marie Harrod

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