Today's poem is "Against Rapture"
from Our Vanishing

Red Hen Press

Frannie Lindsay's fourth volume of poetry, Our Vanishing, won Red Hen Press's 2012 Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award. Her previous books are Mayweed (The Word Works, 2010); Lamb (Perugia, 2006); and Where She Always Was (Utah State University Press, 2005). Her awards include the May Swenson Award, the Perugia Award, the Washington Prize, and the Missouri Review Prize. Her work has been featured in Ted Kooser's column "American Life in Poetry," and on Writer's Almanac. She has held fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and has received several Pushcart nominations. She lives in Belmont, Massachusetts.

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Books by Frannie Lindsay:

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"The Thrift Shop Dresses"
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"The Grail of Perfect Hunger"
"In Praise of the Nearly Forgotten"
"The Correction"
"Objects in Mirror Are Larger than They Appear"
"Talking To My Father About God"
"The Ewe Lamb"
"Walking an Old Woman into the Sea"

Frannie Lindsay's Website.

Frannie Lindsay According to Wikipedia.

About Our Vanishing:

"Endlessly inventive and packed with small surprises, these poems turn the ordinary inside-out. Their quiet elegance belies their urgency, always underlying, and makes the language all the more powerful for its restraint. There’s no extraneous decoration here, no prettifying or showing off. The poet takes the world head on, moment by moment, with an intelligence and compassion that are fierce. This is a poet who deserves far greater recognition than she has received. She’s among the very best of her generation, and Our Vanishing is one of the most honest, moving books I’ve read in years. - See more at: http://redhen.org/book/?uuid=5A503574-C62F-4E49-9590-6BA5C5B33D02#sthash.ExttJJio.dpuf"
—Chase Twichell

"It’s rare to find a collection of poems driven and infused throughout by the abiding emotion of love—not youthful romantic love with its overwrought fevers and passions, but love of the quiet, everyday, persistent sort, among friends, within long partnerships, between humans and dogs—love of the kind that can grow almost invisible to us although it is foundational, essential, to our lives. Our Vanishing, in its profound compassion for all mortal creatures, makes such love visible again. Its poems are engaged not with themselves but with the world, working not through pyrotechnics, not through the ‘look at me’ of dazzle and shake, but rather through a precision so fine and absolute that the reader’s desire for anything more falls away. This is the more, the poems assert, and they are not only correct but also entirely, convincingly, heartbreakingly true."
—Katharine Coles



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