Today's poem is "Swift Trucks"

from Pleiades

Erika Meitner's work includes Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls (Anhinga Press, 2011) and, most recently, Copia, forthcoming in 2014 from BOA Editions.

Other poems by Erika Meitner in Verse Daily:
March 2, 2011:   "Instructions for Vigilant Girls" "Be the sleeping sister who sees no one...."
October 4, 2010:   "To Whom It May Concern:" "Please excuse me from the meeting...."
September 22, 2010:   "May the World to Come Be Neon, Be Water" "because my shoes are too tight...."
October 2, 2007:   "The Bar Code of Love" " I brandished the wand & pushed..."
February 11, 2004:  "Fathom" "A large man holding his arms..."

Books by Erika Meitner:

Other poems on the web by Erika Meitner:
"WalMart Supercenter"
Two poems
"Elegy with Construction Sounds, Water, Fish"
"Factography 3: First Love"
Two poems
"Factography 4: Homeland"
Four poems
"Big Box Encounter"
Two poems
Two poems
Six poems
"Not a Poem About Driving at Night"
"Vinyl-Sided Epiphany"

Erika Meitner's Website.

Erika Meitner According to Wikipedia.

Erika Meitner on Twitter.

About Pleiades:

Subscription: $16
Pleaides: A Journal of New Writing * Department of English * Central Missouri State University * Warrensburg, MO 64093 Editor: Kathryn Nuernberger

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May 1, 2013:   "Phlogiston Footage" by Nicky Beer
April 26, 2013:   "Elegy" by Cintia Santana
April 25, 2013:   "Brief Study of Parades" by Jill Osier
April 24, 2013:   "How I Made My Money" by Noah Blaustein
July 12, 2012:   "In a Landscape: XLI" by John Gallaher
July 11, 2012:   "The Last Word" by William Olsen
July 10, 2012:   "This Is What It Feels Like When I'm Telling the Truth" by Kent Shaw
July 9, 2012:   "The Buzzard and Reversal" by Michael Bazzett
February 15, 2012:   "Body of Moving and Light" by Peter Streckfus
February 13, 2012:   "A Prisoner of Things" by Alan Michael Parker
September 7, 2011:   "Camera Lucida" by Joshua Diamond
September 6, 2011:   "Like a Machine, Struggle for Mother" by Andrea Baker
September 1, 2011   "Arrows" by Bruce Bond
March 10, 2011:   "Man as a Red Dress" by Victoria Chang
March 7, 2011:   "Aspirin and Shadow" by Chris Forhan
March 1, 2008:   "Apostasy" by Carol Quinn
June 27, 2007:   "The Sunset" by Randall Mann
June 25, 2007:   "There Is No Pretending" by Mary Jo Bang
February 13, 2005:  "Ironwork" by Stephanie Bolster
February 12, 2005:  "Afterworld" by Sophie Cabot Black
February 11, 2005:  "Cruelties" by Stephen Dunn

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