Today's poem is "Manes Gossiping, Overheard"

from The Carolina Quarterly

David Koehn is an essayist for Omniverse.us, and a father of five. David has published poetry in 60 or so journals including Kenyon Review, Volt, New England Review, Phoebe, New York Quarterly, Alaska Quarterly, Cutbank, McSweeney's, Phoebe, 32 Poems, Third Coast, Bitter Oleander, Puerto Del Sol, Painted Bride, Rhino, and many others. David's chapbook, Coil, won the University of Alaska, Permafrost, Midnight Sun chapbook contest. David's prose appears in Jacket, New Hampshire Review, New York Quarterly, and elsewhere. David translate's Latin poetry and was awarded a Hendrix-Murphy Foundation Programs in Literature and Language Grant to lead a Catullus Translation Workshop/Reading at Hendrix University Some of David's translations of Catullus are forthcoming from Spect.

Books by David Koehn:

Other poems on the web by David Koehn:
Two poems
"Field of View"
Two poems
"Portrait of the Artist as Slow Food"
"Notes from a Lecture on Sterna Paradisaea, or Mitqutailaq"
"Some Lines Written with Invisible Ink"
"Perishable Gods"

David Koehn's Website.

About The Carolina Quarterly:

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