Today's poem is "This is Not a Prayer"
from Blinding Light

Grayson Books

Christine Beck teaches creative writing at the University of Hartford, Connecticut State University, and at private workshops. Her collection, The Charlotte Chronicles, won the mini-chapbook contest at The Centrifugal Eye and was published in 2012. A former president and current officer of the Connecticut Poetry Society, Beck lives in West Hartford, CT.

Books by Christine Beck:

Christine Beck's Website.

About Blinding Light:

"Christine Beck's poems are wonderfully thoughtful, clear, and frank. What's more, she has a unique story to tell-the imposition upon childhood of organized religion. Poems are a kind of theatre, and Beck manages her dramas with the light, sure touch required to turn experience into art. This is fascinating work."
—Tony Hoagland

"No other poet I know has written more movingly about the complex threads of love that lace a mother and child, in particular mothers and daughters. In Blinding Light, Beck’s intimate and carefully crafted poems are a vivid and hard-edged examination of the risk inherent in daring to love."
—Vivian Shipley

"It's difficult to bring to life a subject as hackneyed as the Fall, and the poet who wrote `What If the Angel Warned' does so with originality and-more importantly-a supple and finely measured sense of the poetic line."
—Brian Brodeur

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