Today's poem is "The Silent Life"
from Glitter Bomb

Persea Books

Aaron Belz is the author of several previous collections, most recently Lovely, Raspberry.

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Books by Aaron Belz:

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Aaron Belz's Website.

Aaron Belz on Twitter.

About Glitter Bomb:

"The poems in Glitter Bomb pull no punches: irreverent, devastating, even nasty at times, they capture the present moment in all its absurdity and hyper-reality. 'Lampwise by altarlight' (pace Dylan Thomas), Aaron Belz keep his eye on the object: often hilarious, he is also wise."
—Marjorie Perloff

"Belz embraces narrative, brevity, down-to-earth diction, and slapstick. His approach resembles the New York School's lighter side, where Ashbery's use of Popeye in a poem evokes pop art and O'Hara's conversational tone disarms the reader to open him up for heavier material that follows."
—Jason Labbe

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