Today's poem is "The Whole Facts"
from Trouble Behind Glass Doors

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Walter Bargen has published sixteen books of poetry and one chapbook. His poems and fictions have appeared in over one hundred magazines, including New Letters, River Styx, and A capella Zoo. He has won the William Rockhill Nelson Award, the Chester H. Jones Foundation Prize, and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. In 2008, he was appointed to be the first poet laureate of Missouri. He lives in Ashland, Missouri, with his wife, Bobette, and twenty-some cats.

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About Trouble Behind Glass Doors:

"In Trouble Behind Glass Doors, Walter Bargen offers up—by way of those moments that adhere to us forever, those “trumpet vines / [that] once brushed the backs of our necks / at the zenith of a creaking arc”—a sympathetic voice to honor the land he lives on and the lives who seek its often difficult heart. Because “We never leave the places / we’ve lived. We construct and reconstruct our absences.” To this end, the poet has created a strong, lyrical, sometimes humorous testament that heeds a world we can very much, and gratefully, see."
—Gary Gildner

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