Today's poem is "Dona Nobis Pacem"
from In the Kingdom of the Ditch

Michigan State University Press

Todd Davis teaches creative writing, American literature, and environmental studies at Penn State University’s Altoona College. He has authored and edited thirteen books. Davis has won the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize.

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March 27, 2010:   "Obituary" "Third week of March and sugaring is nearly finished...."

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About In the Kingdom of the Ditch:

"'s gorgeous poems, you can't help but feel that the capacities of human vision, and also our appetite for exactly this way of seeing and naming, have been mysteriously and precisely increased."
—Jane Hirshfield

"Todd Davis, in his new collection of stunning poems, In the Kingdom of the Ditch, marries the ordinary names of things to their extraordinary enigma. His acts of taxonomy lead not only to knowledge of this world but as well to gnosis of that other ineffable realm we might call the sacred. His poems see into the mystical and their song reaches toward the visionary, which is to say he is a lyric poet of breathtaking brilliance."
—Eric Pankey

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