Today's poem is "Lies We Tell in Winter"
from Some Churches

Gold Wake Press

Tasha Cotter is the author of the chapbooks That Bird Your Heart (Finishing Line Press) and Spectacular Girl (Chantepleure Press). Her first full-length collection, Some Churches, is now available with Gold Wake Press. Her work has appeared in journals such as Contrary Magazine, Country Dog Review, and Booth. Her fiction has been nominated for a storySouth Million Writers Award and her poetry was recently named a finalist for the Philip Booth Poetry Prize. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the Bluegrass Writers Studio. She is currently a member of the Kentucky Women Writers Conference.

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About Some Churches:

"'The line "Is this the end?' appears in this book's final poem, but all the others seem to ask that same question. They languor in every moment, and simultaneously manage to be timeless. The smaller the poem, the more expansive the idea: that's the poet's best move, and Cotter pulls it off beautifully-even when she writes about Bananagrams or the Ultratech Computer parking lot. She knows something that I don't, and I feel like it's an act of generosity to share so much so well in these pages."
—Adam Robinson

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