Today's poem is "Slave to the Virgin"
from Boyishly

Yes Yes Books

Tanya Olson lives in Durham, North Carolina and teaches at Vance-Granville Community College. In 2010, she won the Discovery/Boston Review prize and was named a 2011 Emerging Voices Fellow by the Lambda Literary Foundation.

Books by Tanya Olson:

Other poems on the web by Tanya Olson:
"Notes from Jonah’s Lecture Series"
"Caught in a Trap: The Dead Redux"
"Ain’t I Pretty"
Four poems

Tanya Olson on Twitter.

About Boyishly:

"Tanya Olson’s magnificent poems carry the weight of giants, tigers and The People’s Act of Love. And the ribcage hallways of Jonah, “When inside the whale, it is best to be / inside the whale. Do what you are inside / the whale to do.” Every page is a new cleansing fire. Olson’s book Boyishly works the ear and heart hours after reading like a vibrating bell. Waking inside meditation is what the best poems must be, like this book you are about to read, many thanks to Tanya Olson for giving us these strange and beautiful poems."
—CA Conrad

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