Today's poem is "Ministry Today"
from Overpass

Misty Publications

Steve Davenport is the author of Uncontainable Noise, which won the 2006 Transcontinental Poetry Prize, and two chapbooks, Murder on Gasoline Lake (listed as Notable in Best American Essays 2007) and Nine Poems and Three Fictions (winner of The Literary Review’s Charles Angoff Award for best contribution).

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"Wrong Dog Song"
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Five poems

About Overpass:

"Steve Davenport’s Overpass takes us on an exuberant journey across the Illinois floodplain known as the Bottom, whose features include “factory cutbacks and closings, / refineries and strip clubs needing paint.” Davenport’s muse and central figure is Overpass Girl, whose cancer becomes a kind of metaphor for this “dirt cursed with industry and blood.” A sequence of curtal sonnets, with a few sassy sestinas and other forms mixed in, Overpass creates a startling and delightful tension between its richly gritty content, and a craft that crashes through its own formal restraints with deft use of wordplay, syntax, allusion, and joyful sound."
—Martha Collins

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