Today's poem is "Candling Eggs"
from The Messenger

University of Iowa Press

Stephanie Pippin lives in St. Louis. Her poems have appeared in the Boston Review, the Iowa Review, and Ploughshares.

Books by Stephanie Pippin:

Other poems on the web by Stephanie Pippin:
Two poems
"Good Science"

About The Messenger:

"These quiet poems stunned me: direct and vivid, they delve deeply into the complex relationships between the natural, human, and spiritual worlds. . . . We are reminded of the limitation and dangers of our often self-defeating intellectual powers."
—Jane Mead

"These fierce poems form a Darwinian compendium with speakers who empathically merge with everything feathered and furred. There’s an odd democracy here. The fresco swan on the Pompeii wall and the clamp of a falcon digging its talons into a glove both speak equally of mystery, fragility, and the future we stand to lose when we turn our backs on nature: ‘The weight of this / is more than you imagined.’ These poems have a Keatsian beauty to them, and a Keatsian truth. In other words, everything we need to know."
—Mary Jo Bang

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