Today's poem is "No Threat, Nuthatch"
from Wreck Me

Barrow Street Press

Sally Ball is also the author of Annus Mirabilis (Barrow Street Press Poetry Prize, 2005). She is an associate director of Four Way Books, and she teaches in the MFA program at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Books by Sally Ball:

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"What to Do With Dead Birds?"
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Sally Ball's Website.

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About Wreck Me:

"Wreck Me is a primer of emotional violencea primer because, as these unassumingly gorgeous poems know so well, we can only be beginners when we confront our wish to be seized, transported, remade....'We love / that ravishment,' says Sally Ball of what we simultaneously fear and crave, 'we trust it.' These poems are ravishing."
—James Longenbach

"Wreck Me is an entrancing collection. From the first line to the last, we are tugged into a sensibility and a world as familiar as our own world, and as strange. Sally Ball leaves no line unelectrified. Each poem feels finely wrought and completely newborn, which is exactly the point of poetry."
—Laura Kasischke

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