Today's poem is "Grief"
from A Few Forms of Love

Finishing Line Press

Richard Brostoff is the author of a chapbook. Momentum (La Vita Poetica, 2007), and his poems and essays have been published in Atlanta Review, RATTLE, Texas Review and Verse Daily, as well as many other journals. A recent finalist for the Iowa Review Poetry Prize, he has been the recipient of the AEI International Poetry Award, an international publication award from Atlanta Review, and an editor's choice award from The Anthology of New England Poetry. He practices psychiatry in the Boston area, where he lives with his wife Marcie and three children.

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About A Few Forms of Love:

"These- new poems are just astonishing. I could not put them down. They are so marvelously concise, yet fluid; intense, sexy, full of deep thought, and imagery. A Few Forms of Love, so modestly titled, is about many forms of love, from married love to illicit desire to the love one feels for canyons, mists, flowers, and rivers. Unsurprisingly, since the poet is both a psychiatrist and a dancer,- both soul and body are embraced. The poems are elemental and mythic, and deserve a wide audience. If Jean Valentine had a brother, this might be the book he'd write."
—Liz Rosenberg

"In A Few Forms of Love Richard Brostoff has created emotionally compelling poems in which canyons, seas, lakes are endowed with the intensity of feelings. These inimitable poems stay in memory."
—Daniel Hoffman

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