Today's poem is "Never the Twain"
from Some far Country

Grolier Poetry Press

Partridge Boswell has served at the vanguard of cultural activities in northern New England as director of several regional performing arts organizations. Co-founder of Bookstock: The Green Mountain Festival of Words and managing editor of Harbor Mountain Press, Boswell lives with his family in Vermont. His poems have been featured recently in such publications as The American Poetry Review, Slice and The Literary Review.

Books by Partridge Boswell:

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About Some far Country:

"We encounter poems of experience in Partridge Boswell's remarkable first book, poems of a lived life and the aesthetic care that arises from a long apprenticeship. He fills 'the canvas of our waking sentience' with a combination of image and statement, equal to the complexities of his concerns. If we are 'trapped in the amber of the moment' (Vonnegut), as one of his epigraphs states, Boswell does not try to untrap us, but to deliver, time and again, with brilliant accuracy, what it feels like to be alive in such moments. As good a debut as I can remember!"
—Stephen Dunn

"Such desperate beauty in these poems, such rendered and willed surviving. Read this book if you want to remember what poetry can do to us, how it can find words for what canít be said and shake us by our shoulders until we feel achingly alive again."
—Marie Howe

"Partridge Boswell's collection of poems, SOME FAR COUNTRY, moves through sharp transitions or feints of image, idea and music that remind me of the original sad brilliance of an early Auden. His photo-electric immersions which can confuse the 'limousine with the hearse' tell stories with great suddenness of heart and mind. This is a wonderful book."
—Norman Dubie

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