Today's poem is "Four Fights"
from No Object

Saturnalia Books

Natalie Shapero has worked as a civil rights lawyer and a teacher, and is currently a fellow with The Kenyon Review. Her poems have been published in Poetry, FIELD, The New Republic, and elsewhere.

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About No Object:

"'s No Object is a book of delightful and glistening riddles. Her poems boast halted and reversed phrasing, proclamations of absurdities concerning love and relationships, and call and response gestures that always keep the reader slightly off guard. At the heart of each poem is a fiery logic. Shapero fastens you in a roller coaster car that creeps up a rickety hill, zooms into an abyss, then flips upside down to deliver you safely, wanting to take the ride all over again."
—Denise Duhamel

"In No Object, Natalie Shapero casts a cold eye on life, on death-and on Henry Ford and Woody Allen, sex and family, children and animals, physics and history. Shapero finds poetry in them all, humor in some, comfort in none. Her merciless poems interrogate and scrutinize: 'How does/one decide who should be hurt?' This is work hewn of art and knowledge, shrewd and perfect. I am awed and hurt by it-and grateful for this very necessary genius of a book."
—Kathy Fagan

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