Today's poem is "Syzygy"
from Captive

C & R Press

Martin Ott is a former U.S. Army interrogator who lives in Los Angeles where he writes poetry and fiction, often about his misunderstood city. He was born in Alaska, raised in Michigan, and loves to travel. He is coauthor, with John F. Buckley, of Poets' Guide to America, a verse travelogue published in 2012 by Brooklyn Arts Press.

Books by Martin Ott:

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"Interrogatorís Notebook"
"Learning the Tango"
"Whale Holes and Belly Buttons"
"Upon Hearing 56 Miles of the L.A. River Will Become A State Park"

Martin Ott's Blog.

Martin Ott's Website.

About Captive:

"Martin Ott's premiere collection of poems is dark and dazzling. The speaker in Captive is like a captive himself, perhaps a former soldier or interrogator, held captive in memory, dreaming in feverish braids of time and place."
—Richard Garcia

"I encourage the reader to jump headfirst into these poems, to rise to their challenge, listen to their haunting truths, and celebrate their song."
—Gaylord Brewer

"I donít know if Martin Ottís years as an interrogator in army intelligence influence the way he recreates reality but it makes me wonder as I read the poems in this marvelous collection."
—Rick Bursky

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